Being artistic never ends. It's beyond the creation of a masterpiece or an object, but rather a way of life, a perspective, and a mindset. Real artists might change the way they express their art, but they never stop creating art in the various forms including writing, painting, music or even thought and science. Just like problem solvers and achievers, once a problem is solved and another one arises, a solution is given to the newly arising problem and so on until objectives are achieved.

Once objectives are achieved, only mediocre people are satisfied. Great people create bigger objectives and keep moving toward greater ambitions.

I am keeping the previous versions of my site: you can find version 1 and version 2 through these two links. I keep the versions as I evolve my site to see the evolutionary journey of my site and show that to others as well.

This is the third version. I use it to introduce myself digitally to people I meet online and in real life. I will keep on improving it as my personality and skills evolve, and as time permits.

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